I just wanted to contact you to say THANK YOU for MathsOnline!

I’m in my third year at Stellenbosch University now but I am reminded of what MathsOnline did for me in Matric now that I’m digging through my old maths notes to prepare for my honours degree in economics next year!

I am not naturally mathematically inclined AT ALL and started falling behind in maths in grade 8 and 9. By grade 10, I was getting 50s, 60s at most, and maths was a continuous struggle all the way until matric. I got MathsOnline in April of my matric year – after getting 30% for my first big test!

I used the programme almost every day that year, and at the end of matric, my mark was 88% – the highest mark I had ever gotten for maths! I also got accepted to honours at Stellenbosch in economics largely because of the high mark I received for maths in matric. Thank you, thank you for this amazing programme!

I sincerely hope my story can inspire other students to persevere with maths and to use MathsOnline to help them along.

– Heleen Hofmeyr, University of Stellenbosch

We, at Durban Girls’ College Senior Primary School, have been using the MathsOnline software with our girls since the beginning of 2013.

We use the videos to teach new concepts, then set the girls activities to perform in either class or their own time, to evaluate their understanding.

The girls have really enjoyed using MathsOnline, they find the videos particularly useful. They have the ability to fast forward if they already understand the concepts or go back/replay the clips until they have grasped the lessons.

The ability to go to any grade from R to matric is a big selling point, as not all online Mathematics programmes allow this. This enables those unsure of concepts to go back a year or two to consolidate, while our top pupils can go to the grades above them to prepare for Olympiads.

The teacher facilities in the programme are very easy to use and the parents can request weekly feedback on their children’s progress.

The fact that we have renewed our licence for 2016 and have prescribed this to the parents in the place of a text book, shows our confidence in the MathsOnline! I would highly recommend it to any school looking for Mathematics software.

– Sally Goldman, Durban Girls' College Senior Primary School

I purchased MathsOnline in order to supplement the maths tutoring I was giving my cousin. We found that the lessons were easy to understand and provided flexibility in that he could go back to previous lessons, even previous grades to understand the basics and he could use the lessons for revision. I get a weekly report showing his weekly and overall progress and can intervene where necessary. My cousin has a new interest in maths and is confident when writing tests and exams that he will do well.

– Parent testimonial from Meladi Mampane

Mathsbuddy is a very exciting program for our learners and teachers. The children enjoy it and teachers like the clarity of the instructions and its interactive nature. We value Mathsbuddy because of the joy/fun it has brought to learning. The program has made Maths one of the popular subjects in the school.

As a school we have been able to embrace it and to schedule it as part of our Maths lessons. Each class does Mathsbuddy for an hour a week. This has worked brilliantly. Teachers support it and see to its smooth implementation.

Equally exciting was when ten Grade six learners participated in a Maths Marathon competition with five other highly regarded schools from the Johannesburg North district. We achieved outstanding success by coming first!! This piece of news made it to the local Randburg newspaper and all including the children were encouraged.

Our Annual National Assessments for Maths and English improved as well in 2013 from 2012 (see table below).

EMIS School Name Subject 2012 2013
700152199 Kingsway Christian School Language/Literacy 63 77
700152199 Kingsway Christian School Mathematics/Numeracy 37 62

Looking at the results above, it is hard not to see how MathsOnline contributed to this improvment and success.

– Kgethi Dlamini - Principal Kingsway Christian School

MathsOnline, which we have used since late 2010, is truly a lifesaving and brilliant concept. In the past, being able to help my child who experiences major problems with mathematics was a daunting task. I had no idea where to start or how to explain solutions to maths problems to my 12 year old. When I was told about MathsOnline, my first thought was “ooh no, yet another so-called mathematics programme which will probably cost a fortune and won’t assist my child in anyway at all!” I was proven wrong. I was simply astounded by this programme. I tested it on myself first. All it took to convince me that I had hit the jackpot was to watch a 3 minute tutorial on fractions. I could finally, the first time in my life, understand how to do fractions. I knew if it worked for a 44 year old, it would work for a child.
To our utter joy and delight, our child’s marks have improved considerably giving her self-confidence a major boost. Our son, who is a high achiever, finds MathsOnline an extremely useful tool to preview new Maths concepts. Thank you MathsOnline for making my life as a busy mom so much easier.

– Tanya Cull, Port Elizabeth

I think MathsOnline is a great product and I can definitely recommend it for Matric and Grade 11 pupils, as well as first year students starting with university. A lot of the students I see in my first year Mathematics class have quite a few gaps in their school education for different reasons.

The problem with Mathematics at university level is that we assume that they’ve already got the basic foundation. So we simply build on the concepts taught at school, which can really cause the student to fall back immensely if there is something from the school syllabus they didn’t understand.

This is where MathsOnline is absolutely invaluable! The student can brush up on their school knowledge in their own time to make sure that they get the foundation right before they continue with first year Mathematics. It is a wonderful program which covers all the relevant topics and explains it at exactly the right level.

I believe that MathsOnline can benefit any student greatly, especially students who has fallen slightly behind in school.

– Yolandé Jacobs, Lecturer, University of Johannesburg

After a six month free trial period of MathsOnline in grade 6 in 2012, we decided to launch it at our school in 2013. We did so by informing our parent body via newsletter. It was offered as an optional extra should parents be interested in the product. The initial response was very positive and over 100 children registered. During the course of the first term there seemed to be a continual flow of new members which necessitated establishing registration cut off dates for more efficient administration on our side. We now have 252 children registered with MathsOnline.


I have found the product easy to use and a very helpful teaching tool. I have made a careful comparison of the content of the MathsOnline lessons to our South African curriculum from grades 1 through to 7 and found MathsOnline to be very relevant to our pupils. My concerns about content or omissions were well received and appreciated. The help and support from the national coordinator has been prompt and effective and has made working with the product a pleasure. The most motivating reason for us to continue using the product is that it empowers the children to learn and revise on their own. I have had pupils asking me where they can find a lesson on a certain topic on MathsOnline. The fact that all grade levels can be used by a registered pupil, allows pupils the opportunity to revise earlier grade work without feeling exposed and the opportunity for the motivated to forge ahead on their own.

– Cheryl Bekker - Hatfield Christian School, HOD Maths Primary School

As a homeschooling mom of three, MathsOnline has been a real life save and time saver.  I use a USA math curriculum with which I am very happy, but as it follows a mastery format, and introduces concepts at a different pace to the SA curriculum, I was always concerned that my children would struggle with some concepts if they ever had to go back into mainstream schooling.

MathsOnline has given me peace of mind that my children understand all the concepts that their peers are covering.  My children love working independently with MathsOnline, watching the video and then answering questions.  They are motivated by the certificates that are issued, always striving to be on gold and platinum level! I love the fact that I can set work ahead of time and that I can see exactly in which areas they may struggle.  My strong maths child can attempt more advanced work, while my struggling child can go back a grade or two to cover her bases more effectively.

I am very happy with MathsOnline!

– Tracey le Roux - Homeschool parent